I’ve decided to go on a journey. A metaphorical journey: a journey of becoming Superman.

You see I am 39 years old and overweight (my birthday was just last week). In fact some would say obese. Ok, if I’m being honest and I am, then I am very obese. I am about 90 pounds overweight.  It is time I did something.

Most people assume that because I am overweight that I eat a lot. You would be wrong. I eat the wrong types of food, but I do not eat a lot.  I love Dr. Pepper and unfortunately I love sweets. Interestingly, I do not like a ton of what most people would consider “carbs.” I do not like chips, fries, or popcorn. Nope, I enjoy sugar! I wish I didn’t, but I do. It is my kryptonite in this journey.

I dreamed of becoming Superman for some time.  The problem is that I make all these great plans and then…life gets in the way.  Babies are born.  Finals happen.  The Bar is coming.  You get the idea.

No more.

I have decided that becoming Superman is no longer going to be just a dream.  I am going to make it a reality.

So for the next year, I am going to focus entirely on becoming Superman.  Yes, of course I am going to finish law school. I am going to take the California State Bar.  Yes, I am going to pass it.  Was there ever any doubt? But instead of letting those things define me and everything that goes with them, I am going to become Superman.

I cannot help solve other’s problems when I am out of shape.  Just like Superman can’t use his super powers when he is near kryptonite, neither can I help others when I allow food to dictate my actions.

I am going to begin the journey of becoming Superman on Monday.  I hope you will come a long.

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