Wow! So many changes are happening so fast! As you may have seen my website is undergoing some very large changes. PageLines is coming out on July 24th with a new WordPress system. It is called Design Management System or DMS. What makes this so special is not just the way it looks but how it functions. There has always been a bit of a disconnect between the front (or what you see) and the back (what you don’t see). It takes a significant amount of work coding to present a good-looking website if you do it by hand (trust me I’ve spent many hours doing this). If things don’t look right, then moving the code around can break the website. There is a lot of wasted time spent making sure what is done behind the scenes matches what is supposed to be presented.

That is where PageLines comes in, just to give you a bit of their design history they begun as just a theme developing company. I purchased several of their themes because they offered flexibility where other themes lacked. They then developed a more flexible platform appropriately named Platform Pro, this further enhanced their flexibility and allowed the user to be the architect of their own website using a content management system or a CMS (which is the generic name for WordPress). After Platform they added “drag and drop” capability which allowed you to move sections of the website around without messing directly with the code. This is called Framework, the main problem with Framework was that you still had to use the back-end to edit the look of your website and waste precious time if things didn’t look the way you wanted.

Now PageLines has come out with Design Management System (DMS), which is amazing because I can make edits to my website with very little to no coding. On top of that, I can arrange portions of my website while viewing it live. So I no longer have to guess at where something will end up on the page or rather how it will look. You can literally take media, a website, and DMS from conception to awesomeness in a fraction of the time that hand coding or a “theme” would take. Additionally, you are not restricted with the usual confines of traditional themes or ideas.

One of the main areas that PageLines excels in, is providing amazing support and more “sections” that allow you to customize your site significantly without knowing any code whatsoever. They have several developers who design all sorts of plugins, sections, etc. so that the end-user can build according to their needs. Disclaimer here, I am not being paid or given any other incentive other than the fact that I have used PageLines products for several years and really like them. It is a plug because of how awesome they are not because they paid me.

So what does all this mean? Well, as I have recently begun this website, it means that I am going to be going through some design changes. It is more fluid and responsive. I’m going to make sure this website is as amazing as possible. Because PageLines is so awesome I’m considering becoming a developer so that I can help build more amazing websites. If you have any questions about DMS feel free to comment below.

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Taylor Darcy was born in Utah and moved in the late 1980s to sunny Southern California. He has lived in places such as Alberta, Canada, Arizona, Montana, and Florida; however, he has always come back to the best weather on earth. Mr. Darcy is a graduate of California Western School of Law in San Diego, California. He recently passed the California State Bar exam. Mr. Darcy has an amazing wife and two beautiful daughters, he and his wife welcomed their first boy in October. Mr. Darcy likes movies, cars, motorcycles, and video games (when he has time).

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