I’m not trying to be evasive or elusive but I am having a hard time trying to decide where I want this blog to head.  I have so many things that I want to talk about and discuss but I’m afraid it will turn into a free-for-all and there would not be much point.  On top of all that I am trying to decide if I want it to be professional or personal.  Further compounding the problem is that I will be starting law school in the upcoming months and I do not know if I will have the time or want to post.  To be honest I do not know what to expect when it comes to law school.  There are so many people who relay conflicting accounts about law school that it is hard to know what is correct.

I know that one thing is for sure, I will always be upfront and honest with you.  I believe that the truth wins every time and that in the end honesty is always the best policy.

I want to talk about the government and the current state of affairs.  To say I am disenfranchised by the way the government is now run is a bit of an understatement.  Neither Congress nor the President will work with one another to do what they have been elected to do.  Each one believes that they are right and will not budge to make progress.  They are so focused on the issues that they believe that they fail to take into account the government needs to work.  It is complete lunacy to believe that the American people are happy with how the government is being run.  A poll that I looked at said congress’ approval rating was 17% and that the President’s approval rating was about 40%.

When are we as a people going to vote not based upon ideological grounds but based upon a candidate’s ability to do their job (once elected)?  Why do we not have term limits in the Senate and House?  Why do we allow politicians to continue to run for office when they fail to do their jobs?  In any other company these people would be fired!  Do not misunderstand me, I am ashamed of the way all politicians are handling the problems we face.  When are we going to choose people who want to go to Washington and actually work together? They have to know that there will never be a perfect piece of legislation and that something is better than nothing (assuming that something is actually something and not just empty rhetoric).  I am so tired of the way the government is run, I truly wish we would vote them all out and start all over.

It is the binary thinking or a zero sum game that continues to propagate the gridlock that we see in our nation and in politics.  Life is never black and white, so why is it that we expect politicians will always vote in a binary fashion.  We can’t have a working government and divisiveness at the same time.  It is the binary thinking that leads to a dysfunctional (or non-functioning) government.  Is there right and wrong? Of course, but there is rarely ever and absolute right and an absolute wrong.  It is only in our minds that we create this perfect scenario that everything we believe is right and everything someone else believes is wrong.  What is generally true is that we all want the same things, however we attempt to do it very differently.

For instance I am Pro-Life, although with a bit of an asterisk next to it, I believe that when you have to choose between two evils that you choose the lesser of them.  I am not advocating abortion, but I am saying it is not so simple as to say that abortion is always wrong or always right.  If for instance, I had to choose between my amazing wife and my sweet baby girl, I would choose my wife.  It would be sad and tragic but in the end I could not give up the love of my life.  I could always have more children, but I may not find another wife as amazing as her.  I would mourn the death of my baby girl, after which I would celebrate that my wife was still alive and we could hopefully have another child.  The sorrow would be tempered by the joy.

What about women who are raped or victims of incest?  In a perfect world they would carry the pregnancy to term and give the child away to a family who was unable to conceive (or some variation of this idea).  The problem is that she may not be able to emotionally cope with the trauma of carrying a child under those circumstances.  It may absolutely destroy and torture her, in this instance requiring her to carry the baby may fall under the category of “cruel and unusual punishment”.  What about a teen that gets pregnant?  She is scared and does not know what to do except that she does not want to be a teen mom.  She knows she is not ready for a child and feels as though she has made a terrible mistake.  Again, if the world were perfectly kind she would take responsibility for her actions and carry the child to either take care of, or to give away.  We do not know what it is like to go through all that, because unless you have been you may never know.

The problem is that if we make abortion illegal, then we run the risk of a potentially worse situation.  If that same teen mom was unable to get an abortion because it was illegal she may resort to self-abortion or other heinous actions.  In the instance of my wife, if there were no abortion available, then I may lose both my wife and my baby because the doctor would be prohibited from saving my wife and losing the baby.  I would lose everything I loved all in a moment because I could only view the world as black and white.  This would absolutely tear my heart out.  I am not agreeing with abortion, I’m acknowledging that there are situations where it is the lesser of two evils.  I also agree that in the end it is up to God to judge and that my place is to love and help make the world a better place.

I believe it is my duty and right to help others, more often than not that means putting aside my personal agenda, because in the end it is the people who matter.

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