Against the odds we have two candidates for President that are equally distasteful.  The primary season usually separates the wheat from the chafe, not this year.  There is usually one candidate who stands out and is worth voting for, I wish it were true this year.

Donald Trump

Running as the Republican nominee for President is Donald Trump.  A businessman turned politician (why he would want to go this route is beyond me).  He might be “successful” in business but he is a deplorable human being.  I wouldn’t trust him to walk my dog (which I don’t have) much less with the fate of our country and the free world.

To give you a small idea of how disgraceful Trump is, at a campaign rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania he gave a very different account of an event that happened at a previous campaign rally thrown by President Obama.

In the campaign rally, President Obama quieted down a rowdy crowd when a Trump supporter held up a Trump sign.  President Obama said, “First of all, we live in a country that respects free speech, second of all it looks like he may have served in our military, and we’ve got to respect that.  Third of all, he was elderly, and we’ve got to respect our elders.”

Trump said, “He [Obama] was taking to the protester, screaming at him, really screaming at him.  By the way, if I spoke the way Obama spoke to that protester, they would say, ‘He became unhinged!’…And he spent so much time screaming at this protester and frankly, it was a disgrace.”  If I were inclined to vote for Trump (which I am not), that mischaracterization (i.e. lies) of the event would persuade me against it.  How can we expect a man to act presidential and work with others when he obviously lies?

Hillary Clinton

The Democratic nominee is Hillary Clinton.  She has been in politics over 30 years.  She has served in such positions as Secretary of State and Senator of New York.  Although she has significant experience in government, she has also struggled with the truth.  She left several men in Benghazi and used a private server to send classified emails, that she denies having sent even though there is proof.  If she cannot be trusted to use the correct email address to send and receive classified emails, then how can she be trusted to run the country?

Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton – General Election 2016

On the one hand we have Trump who is a misogynist and racist man. He represents everything that is wrong with this country. On the other hand, we have Clinton who is a career politician and is not trustworthy. She represents everything that is wrong with our government.  Neither candidate is capable of leading this country.

Neither candidate for President represent the good and amazing things about this country.  Trump wants to “Make America Great Again,” and Clinton believes that we are “Stronger Together.” Both slogans fail to embrace that this country is already great and enough.  I am not saying there is not room for improvement.  However, their campaigns are based upon the wrongful thinking that they are the only ones who can fix the United States.  The truth is that the only way the United States is going to grow is if the citizens make the improvements themselves.

Contrary to Trump, America is already great. It never stopped being great because it has never stopped growing and learning. The measure of a country’s greatness is in its pursuit of justice, equality, and knowledge, not its world dominance. Many have tried to dominate the world by force and many have failed. The ideas and ideals of a nation can change the world but only if those receiving it want to change. You cannot force change, at least not with any expectation that it will be permanent.

Clinton’s slogan fails to take into account that our strength comes from the person and that we are noble in our own right. Perhaps we are stronger together, but we are good enough alone. We don’t “need” each other to be whole. Because much like a relationship, if you aren’t enough without your significant other, then you will never be good enough with them. The nation is already full of strong people. We do not need a government dictating to us how to become stronger.  We need the people to change because it is what is best for the country and not because someone tells them they have to change.

I am not hoping for a perfect candidate. I’m hoping for someone who treats people with respect.  I’m hoping for a candidate who is willing to do the job because they want to continue to build the United States. Not because they want the power to rule and reign.  We need a leader who will embrace the areas we are strong in and work to improve the areas where we are weak.  We need a person who leads.

These candidates don’t lead.  These candidates spew hate and filth towards those they disagree.  They are trying to deceive the people.  They care more about power than they do about the people.

Leaders do not tear people down and lie to get ahead.  They do not build themselves up by making others feel small.  A leader builds others so that those whom they lead are able to accomplish their goals.

I am shocked and saddened that these candidates have made it this far.  We need real leaders and we need them now.

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