As the sunsets on another Monday so does the adventure that is “The Flood.” We are out of the hotel.
It was 20 nights.
20 long nights in a hotel with two small children.  It was quite the feat.  There were tears of joy.  There were tears of sadness.  It felt a bit like A Tale of Two Cities.
We survived!
There is nothing like spending that kind of time in a small space to see how you handle conflict.  You learn a lot about yourself and those you love when you are under that kind of stress.
I would say the most challenging part of living in a hotel is the inconsistency. Having a roof over your head is more important than the inconsistency, but you understand.  When you are struggling with something (i.e., law school), you crave consistency.  It helps when you are enduring the pain and (what would sometimes seem to be) torture.
The reason we had to stay in the hotel so long was because the flood destroyed the drywall and the cabinets.  They had to replace the wall behind the sink as well as the lower cabinets. The cabinets are cheap wood (i.e., particle board) that sucks up water like a sponge.  The boards warped and became unusable.  The funny part is that they only replaced the bottom cabinets, so it looks a little off.  They also “painted” the top cabinets to match the bottom ones, needless to say, they do not.
The flood happening was not all bad, we learned a lot about ourselves as a family.  We learned that we can do a lot with very little.  It also taught us that we should be more ready for other tragedies.  We have since bought an emergency preparedness kit.  Now we need to do more, but at least we have started.  I’m grateful that the flood did not destroy more than it did.
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Taylor Darcy was born in Utah and moved in the late 1980s to sunny Southern California. He has lived in places such as Alberta, Canada, Arizona, Montana, and Florida; however, he has always come back to the best weather on earth. Mr. Darcy is a graduate of California Western School of Law in San Diego, California. He recently passed the California State Bar exam. Mr. Darcy has an amazing wife and two beautiful daughters, he and his wife welcomed their first boy in October. Mr. Darcy likes movies, cars, motorcycles, and video games (when he has time).

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