Today I started (again) to work out.  I have repeatedly attempted to start a work out program and about three weeks into it I let something get in the way.  Today, I was not in the mood to work out.  I got up, turned on the television and was going to work on homework for my class.

I was looking at the program guide on t.v. and there was an infomercial for Insanity.  I had to watch it (even though I already own it).  I don’t know maybe it was because I wanted to confirm my decision to buy it (given it was several years ago but still).  As I sat there, watching, I realized I did not have a valid excuse for not working out.  So I got up, went on a thirty minute walk, followed by Les Mills Combat: HIIT Power and Inner Warrior.

While on my walk I decided a few things.  I decided that I wanted to blog everyday for a year (at least).  I decided that I want to get healthy. I decided that I want to workout everyday.  So I thought I would combine all of my decisions into one.  I am going to blog about getting healthy and fit everyday for a year, beginning today.

Today is my day one.  I could have started next Monday like I always have done, but I decided this time would be different.  I decided that I needed to start now to make the change.  It isn’t going to be any easier on Monday and that is four days I could have to get to my goal.

Now, some may ask what is your goal, or rather what is your definition of healthy?  Well, my definition of healthy is this 6% body fat (which roughly translates to 155 lbs. for me). I am at 218 lbs. and a BMI of ~31.  Once I have achieved that level of fitness and health, I want to put on about 10-15 lbs. of muscle.

There are several reasons why I want to do this, first, for my health (obvious but thought I should state it anyway).  Second, because I know there are many others who also struggle with their weight I want show them that it is possible to get healthy as well.  I want them to be a part of the process.  Third, my family has a history of type two diabetes and obesity and I want to be an example to my future children.

I want this to be real so here are my rules for this:

  1. One blog post per day for 365 days about weight loss and or working out
  2. At least one work out per day
  3. Drink at least 64 ounces or more of water per day
  4. Eat healthy (most of the time)
  5. Be brutally honest about the process

In the past, I have set unrealistic goals for myself and failed miserably.  I was too focused on the ideal that I did not allow room for error and guaranteed my failure in the process because I was trying too hard to live up to perfection.  I’m going to make mistakes along the way, but I’m going to get back up and keep trying.  That is one reason I am giving myself a year, because instead of focusing on short term success, I’m going to focus on long term lifestyle changes (I hear it’s all the rage).

Here are my disclaimers:

First, I love Beach Body products (e.g. P90X, P90X2, Insanity, Insanity Asylum, Body Beast, and Les Mills Combat).  However, I am not a Beach Body coach and I am not going to pretend to be one.  I may however eventually become one and begin to offer them on my site (or another site I will point you to). If I do become one I will disclose it and let you know.  Although I may offer their products to you, I will never “hard sell” you.  I will always respect your right to choose any fitness program that works for you.  If you want to get healthy, I am here to support you no matter the vessel.  On that note, Beach Body does have programs for all types of people and fitness goals. If you can imagine it, they have a program to help you.

Second, I am not a health professional, dietician, personal trainer or fitness guru.  I am a regular guy trying to get healthy and fit.  If you have questions that I cannot (or should not) answer I will refer you to a medical professional.

Finally, if you want to be supportive and add to the conversation then of course please do so.  If however, you want to bash or tear someone down (me for instance), then don’t bother.  There are enough naysayers out there, I do not need them here.  If you come here for the sole reason to bash or put down I will delete your comment and block you.  You won’t even get a warning (because this is your warning).

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